The story of Eva

Eva Yang.png

This is a normal school day, in Beijing's Southeast Fifth Ring City Village School, where it seems to get darker much earlier, with a deeper intensity. The choir was formed 2 months ago, and though shy and timid at first, the children now enjoy lively get-togethers, professional sessions, interactive games, all in all having an amazing time.

It was dark outside, when the classes began. I saw Nora walking from the playground in her down jacket, and when we shook hands I felt heat emanating from her – I knew she came from the subway.

At the end of the class, looking around the dark classroom, I felt both moved and extremely fortunate. She was so professional, so responsible. She was there, on time, no matter the wind, rain or snow. For children to be able to have such a teacher at such a young age, makes them truly lucky. She positively shown through the dark classroom, a bright light in their lives. Though the classes are short, she managed to dazzle their every moment, illuminating their path on their way to appreciate both music and art. 

Eva Yang

2 December, 2021, Beijing