“At MOME we believe that humans should stay human. We should embrace that we have a mind and body. Interaction design is about how we connect with people, but it’s also about how we connect to existing services and products. How we can regain control over our digital lives and instead of being slaves to technology, really use it in a meaningful way”. Tamás Fogarasy, Head of Interaction Design MA at MOME

Academic requirements

Any relevant bachelor's degree, including animation, media design, photography, design, object creation, design graphics, textile design, architecture and design culture. 

Students can also apply with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, in engineering informatics and software designer in an IT specialism.

Language requirements

B2 level English language proficiency

Programme-specific requirements

Admission is based on the applicant’s professional portfolio, including their previous work and also on their personal introduction at the interviews. This way students are selected on the basis of their talent, abilities and previous achievements and works.

CONTACT design ma