🐲Szendrei Judit’s Stamp Art Exhibition – “Year of the Dragon” officially opened at Horizon Art Space!

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On 15th June 2024, Szendrei Judit's stamp art exhibition titled "Year of the Dragon" successfully opened at Horizon Art Space in 798 Art District. 

Szendrei Judit – a stamp artist from Hungary opened a four chapter exhibition in Beijing's art district. The artist exhibited 21 pictures, including the magnificent piece called "The Dragon", which was made especially for the Chinese exhibition and consists 13 separate pictures of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs and the iconic Yin Yang symbol.

Szendrei Judit's stamp artwork was welcomed in many European countries. By bringing these pictures to China, the artist hopes that her work can strengthen the bridge that connects the people around the globe. During the opening ceremony, Szendrei Judit gave a guided tour to the guests where she explained the idea and inspiration behind her pictures.


Honecz Anna Lujza, Cultural and Educational Counsellor of the Embassy of Hungary in Beijing and director of the Liszt Institute – Hungarian Cultural Center (Beijing), said in her speech that this year marks the 75th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Hungary and China, and that this exhibition is another important manifestation of the friendly relations and cultural exchanges between the two countries. Philately has a long history in China, and stamps are not only serve as a communication tool, but as a form of art as well, carrying rich cultural connotations. The director is confident that the exhibition will start a valuable cultural dialogue among stamp lovers.


In his speech, Chinese curator Zhang Siyong highly appreciated the work of the Hungarian artist and emphasized Judit's handcraft, resourcefulness and endless patience with which she creates her pictures.


Tao Wei, the other Chinese curator of the exhibition, believes that the exhibition makes art as a link to strengthen exchanges and enhance friendship, and gifted Szendrei Judit a collection of stamps that were designed by the curator's son and his classmates.


Highlights of the event: